• Can I Stay On My BigPond Email Even If I Leave Telstra?

    If you close your Telstra account, we will suspend your email address and delete your email after 30 days. If you want to keep your Telstra email address active, you can by reading below.

    To keep your Telstra email address, just let us know when you close your account. You can stay on your Telstra email address for the first 12 months for free after you close your account. After this, it will be no longer available. Telstra email address is not available for pre-paid customers.

    When you disconnect your BigPond service, all of your email addresses will get canceled. If you want to get your email address, you can join a BigPond dial-up service which costs $25 per year. If you have an active account with Telstra it would allow you to continue using your @bigpond.com.au email address.

    This process usually takes 5 days and you may not be able to get your email within this period. You must also backup your messages, contacts, and address book as all these will get deleted. BigPond webmail login will be shuttered in favor of a new service, and Telstra mail will replace Bigpond for home broadband customers.

    See also - https://vocal.media/lifehack/a-fully-fledged-guide-comprehending-bigpond-webmail-login-process

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