• How to Setup Roadrunner email Account?

    If you use Roadrunner as your internet service provider, then your package includes a business email account. You must check the official website roadrunner for that and claim your free account. Once, you’ve claimed the account and started using, use Outlook.

    The outlook is one of the best email clients available in the world, so you should start using it to streamline business operations. Most people use Outlook due to the convenience and features provided with the software. But many of us are unaware of the working of Outlook and how to add your account to it. if you don’t know how to setup Outlook, you’ve come to the right page.

    Today we will help you in adding the Roadrunner email account in Outlook.

    Add Roadrunner Email in Microsoft Outlook

    If you have multiple email accounts with Roadrunner, then adding them to the Outlook will be a timesaver.

    Here are the steps you need to take to add Roadrunner email in Outlook.

    • Open Outlook on your computer and then, click on the File tab from the top left of the page.
    • And then click on the Add Account button located on the right panel of the new window.
    • Then, you have to enter the email address and then click on the Advanced options from above the Connect button.
    • And then you have to check the ‘let me set up my account manually’ option and then click on the Connect button.
    • It will open a new window for manual configuration and you have to select the IMAP option from the list.
    • And in the next step, you will need to click on the Change Account Settings option.
    • Now, enter the Roadrunner mail server settings in the box which are located here.
      • Account type – IMAP or POP3
      • Incoming mail server – pop-server.domain.rr.com
      • Outgoing mail server – smtp-server.domain.rr.com
    • Where you have to replace the ‘domain’ with the abbreviation you have in your email address.
    • Now, enter the password for the account and click on the Next button and proceed to the end page.

    If you’ve followed these steps carefully, you should get in any trouble. However, you may encounter roadrunner email login issues which setting up the account. You may have to open the official support page to fix roadrunner email log-in issues.

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