Simple Steps to Add Signature in Gmail


    Adding a signature to your Gmail account shows professionalism and looks good while sending any mail. Almost all professionals have their signatures added to their Gmail account which they can use while contacting people over mail. For email signatures, Gmail signatures are not necessary but it is good to have one for you. 

    How to add a signature in Gmail

    By below the simple steps, users can add their signature to their Gmail. If you are not using signatures then it sometimes creates unprofessional behavior but it is completely fine and keeping a signature is not mandatory too. It is always suggested that email signatures and Gmail are good to have. Do follow the below steps, step by step to achieve the desired result easily by adding a signature.


    1. Open Gmail on a web browser or app, wherever the users are comfortable, they can open their Gmail account by logging in.

    2. Click on the available gear icon that is located at the top right corner of the screen

    3. By clicking on gear the user will be able to see setting options. Inside Settings click on the See all settings option.

    4. After the user scrolls down towards the bottom of the options, you can see the "Signature" option.

    5. Click on the option and then select "Create New", where you have to select the option "Name your new signature".

    6. After this select the option "Gmail Signature Editor" to add your personalized signature.

    7. Users can now create a signature by taking reference from the defaults available.

    8. After creating the most suitable signature for yourself, you can click on the "Save" option.


    After going through these steps users must not be asking "How to add a signature in Gmail" as it is well known now. So, you should give it a try by adding a personalized signature. 



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