How to Change Outlook Password on Different Devices?

    Microsoft Outlook is a great platform where you can manage tons of emails with relative ease. Its exclusive features and filters make it stand out amongst all the other emailing platforms. You can easily create a new email account on Outlook just by following the on-screen instructions but the password changing is a bit tricky.

    In today’s blog, we will be discussing how to change the password for Outlook on different platforms with ease.

    Steps to change password on Outlook (windows)

    1. Open the application of Outlook, to begin with. Click on the File tab from there and then click on account setting and then click on account settings option.
    2. In the next tab, select the account that you want to change the password of. Press the change button once you have selected the account. Now enter a better and new password for your mail account and then click on finish.
    3. To verify whether the password has been changed successfully, all you need to do is to restart the application and check to see if you are still able to send and receive emails. If not then, there might be some problem.


    Steps to change password on Outlook (Mac)

    1. You need to click on the Launchpad and search for Microsoft Outlook.
    2. Open the Outlook app and then open the settings of your account by clicking on the preferences option.
    3. To view your mail accounts, you will need to click on the accounts button.
    4. From the list of given accounts, click on Outlook and then select the account that you want to change the password of.
    5. Now type a better and stronger password in the given field by clicking on the password option from the menu that is on the right side of your screen.
    6. Save the changes made by you and close the app to make these changes permanent with ease.


    These are some of the platforms with their password steps mentioned above so you can easily change your Outlook mail password should the need for it ever arise.

    For more info, you can visit the Microsoft help and support center.


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